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Acupuncture Treatments in Albuquerque

Acupuncture Associates Of America has been recognized as one of the top Albuquerque Acupuncture practices.
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Acupuncture is an ancient Oriental Medicine technique, tracing its origins back several thousand years. Today, it is accepted by science as an effective treatment for many ailments, including pain disorders, mood disorders, autoimmune conditions, stress, insomnia and digestive imbalance.
Acupuncture Associates of America is Albuquerque’s preeminent provider of acupuncture treatments. With three locations, we are able to serve patients throughout Albuquerque and Los Lunas. We accept most insurance and provide injection therapy and supplement consultations as well, which you won’t find at other acupuncture clinics.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a Chinese Medicine treatment involving the insertion of small needles into specific points in the body. These points correspond with traditional qipathways, through which ancient Chinese practitioners believed life energy flows. These pathways coincide in the body with neural paths, which may explain how acupuncture is so effective at managing pain, mood and hormone balance.

Acupuncture treatments are effective for many conditions:

  • Nausea, particularly as a side effect of chemotherapy or during pregnancy
  • Pain management, particularly for chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia
  • Inflammatory and autoimmune disorders
  • Anxiety, depression and other mental illness or mood disorders

Because acupuncture does not use pharmaceutical drugs, there is no risk of chemical dependency, overdose or negative side effects. This makes it especially valuable in treating long-term, chronic conditions or in situations where medication options are limited, such as pregnancy.

What Makes us Different?

Our staff is highly trained and experienced. Our team is comprised of several Doctors of Oriental Medicine trained at Southwest Acupuncture College, one of the top schools in the country for Oriental Medicine. We provide a holistic approach to wellness, providing acupuncture, injection therapy and supplement consultations.

Many of our new patients come as referrals from doctors in other fields. Whether you are currently struggling with a medical issue and wish to try acupuncture or are interested in the wellness-boosting preventative power of this ancient technique, we welcome you to call us for additional information or to make an appointment with our staff.

Call 505-275-9602 to schedule an appointment today.